Getting The Balance Right


One of the biggest lessons I have learned in the first year of managing The Park is that striving for the right balance is a constant struggle and this is the same in every start up where both sales and delivery are business critical, which is pretty much all of them.

 A harsh lesson was learned early on in our agency journey. When we started there was a huge focus on new business (fairly obviously) to make sure we could keep the lights on. We were out pressing the flesh continuously for the first for the first couple of months and had over forty new business meetings, a number of these meetings resulted in projects which meant we suddenly got really busy delivering the work. Being a new agency and realising the importance of these fledgling client relationships to the future of our business we (the three co-founders) all rolled up our sleeves and got busy making sure that the projects were all being delivered to the highest possible standard.

After two crazy months of work we came up for air and our new business pipeline had dried up resulting in our quietest ever month. We quickly realised what had happened (it doesn’t take a genius) and immediately got back on the new business horse while making sure that all the client work also had the love it deserved.

It was a reality check that when you’re a fledgling business if you’re not doing something then no one is. Coming from an established agency where it was possible to give other team members key responsibilities it meant I now had to approach things differently.

 After that first experience we have now got the balance better but it requires a constant focus to make sure everything is getting the care and attention it deserves. We’re constantly learning and I am sure we will make many more mistakes on the journey ahead but hopefully not the same one more than once.

Will Worsdell